About us

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We’re PowderMonkey, a digital studio that loves to collaborate, create and deliver quality products.

The term “powder monkey” was historically used to call a boy who fetched powder to guns on a ship. We adopted the name PowderMonkey to represent the spirit of these boys as enablers. We bring the gunpowder to your ideas, and take them to a successful launch. Pow!

Our Principles


We are good listeners. Not only that, we are good communicators. We can simplify technical concepts to you in plain terms, and engage with you on how to manage the administrative portions of your app or website.


We believe in not overcomplicating things. No coding skills or special software will be needed to update the content of your app or website. We will provide the training so that you can update it yourself.


We know how to balance between function and aesthetics. A functional website that doesn’t look good will not attract people, but a beautiful website that is hard to use or takes too much resources isn’t ideal as well. We are experienced in building a balanced solution.



Quality is very important to us. We use the latest technologies and design principles to make sure that your product is up-to-date and secure. Our apps and websites are reliable as we conduct thorough testing before launch.

Our Team

“I don’t actually need glasses.”

Tony Liu
Account Director

“I like to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Jessi Huang
Creatives and Design Lead

“I swear I fixed that bug two weeks ago.”

Li Jye Tong
Web Development Lead

Li Jye

“Where’s the nearest hotpot?”

Jin Ha
App Development Lead

“Change the world by being yourself.”

Charlie Yuan
Web Developer

“Enjoy the little things.”

Kristin Yu
Graphic Designer

“No monkey business.”

Powder Monkey team sitting down for a serious photo

“Take the leap!”

Powder Monkey team jumping for a photo

Our Studio